I’m doing walleye from April till mid July at Toledo Beach Marina, Monroe Mi. Salmon from late July till Labor Day or early September, in Manistee Mi . Then Perch back at Toledo Beach Marina, Monroe Mi. from Labor Day till late October early November.

Fishing on Reel Steel Charters in Manistee is truly one of the great destinations of Lake Michigan. We move up from Monroe, MI to Manistee, MI to fish for the mighty King Salmon from late July till Labor Day or early September,. King Salmon are the main species targeted this time of year. Although you never know what will bite this time of year. That makes it a kind of guessing game and makes it fun! The state record came from the Manistee area and there is the possibility of a fish over 30# taken every year. There are record fish to be taken.  Also during this time King Salmon will start showing up in very good numbers and pound for pound will be the hardest fighting they will be all year. This time of year, you may catch Coho, Lake Trout, Steelhead, or a Brown Trout. July through Labor Day has traditionally been a good producer for large numbers of fish. Lake Trout and Kings can also be picked up as temperature breaks set up on the shelf from 3 miles out till where the thermocline sets up a few more miles offshore. When there is a hard temperature break the action can be non-stop, but putting these acrobats in the boat can be quite a challenge even for the seasoned angler. It is this time of year Manistee is famous for with more master angler Chinook (King) Salmon taken than any other port in Michigan. These monsters can reach over #30 with the average adult ranging from 13#-17#. These fish fight very hard, they will wear you out they can pull so hard. Usually the big fish pull out a bunch of line before you can get them wore out so you can reel them to the boat then in the net. After tangling with one of these brutes you may want to rest for a while before tackling another. Some times others on the boat will have to help reel them in. After mid August you can also run into schools of Coho Salmon which put up a great fight despite their smaller size. Good fishing will continue after the adult King Salmon have headed up the river . Lake Michigan at Manistee offers mixed bag once again of juvenile Kings along with Steelhead and Lake Trout with a few Coho still to be found. Manistee is truly a multi season destination for all of your Great Lakes fishing. Come up and fish with us on Reel Steel and Captain Sean. He has the knowledge and experience to take you to the trophy fish no matter what the fish is that you catch.

Posted by Reel Steel Charters on Sunday, July 29, 2018

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